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Cold end conveying line that needs more and more to be preset for even unexpected productions and provided with facilities speeding up the change-over procedures. The format change-over on Zecchetti Cold End Lines is based on the speed automatic adjustment through the setting of 3 basic absolute parameters and some other correction parameters (in %).

A mathematical calculation determines the speed for every zone of the line.
At the format change-over, the correct values have to be set and all the VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) reach the speed necessary to get rid of the IS production.

The Zecchetti equipment range covers all the necessary facility for bottle spacing, orientation, splitting. An extremely precise Camera Orientation System (valid for all types of bottles, also for containers with very difficult shapes) guarantees great results thanks to its hi-tec features:
Modular Multiple lighting system.
Images with perfect contrast.
One or more video cameras adjustable in all directions.
Advanced software to single out the typical bottle characteristics for the corner survey.

Thanks to the combination of our Camera Orientating System and the downstream MULTI-ARTICLE SPLITTERS we have been able to cope with a production of even 5 different bottles simultaneously with great results.

Camera Orientation System

Multi-Article splitter

As to quick format change-over Zecchetti can propose an automatic system to adjust the conveyor side guides by taking into consideration the different needs of each conveyor section along the line.

Guide automatic adjustment carried out by means of electric motors


Zecchetti feels that the time has come to illustrate the latest developments and the positive impact on the activity of the glass industries. Zecchetti, has developed, in the time being, excellences both for the conveyors, the palletizers, the end-of-the- line equipment and their relevant accessories, always bearing in mind the needs of the glass factories such as long life, minimum maintenance, maximum flexibility, top quality, easy and clear operating procedures, highest safety. For example: the handling of two or more different containers at the same time that’s becoming more and more frequent has brought Zecchetti to develop, with one of their partners, a progressive container diverter for gentle sideway movement that solves the side diversion problem and guarantees container stability irrespective of shape and production speed.
The automatic adjustability of the conveyor side guides by means of any-position drives in order to make shorter in time and easier in the execution the change-over jobs that are more and more numerous and close between.

Progressive Container Diverter

Automatic adjustment of the conveyor side guides

The PATENTED Multi-Purpose-Head (M.P.H.) for their palletizers. The peculiarities of the new Multi-Purpose Head MPH enable the safe transfer of the layer for almost all types of containers, even in the absence of space among the container necks, with no need of format change-over. Possibility of also transferring strapped layers, layers of cartons or bags.
Article ZERO jump between table and plane during the layer loading phase
Pursuit between table and plane thanks to brushless motors

MPH (Multi Purpose Head)

ZERO jump between table and plane

The automatic line for re-selecting the used pallets which provides all the controls that are normally carried out by the operators, in order to re-use the pallets in good condition and send those not in good condition to the area intended for the accommodation.