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One of the targets Zecchetti has followed, during the last years, has been the reorganization of their After-Sales Service. Being this service of vital importance, Zecchetti pay the maximum attention to its efficiency.
Zecchetti invested then in the vocational training of new personnel and/or in the qualification of the existing personnel.
The After-Sales Service counts now more than 50 units, including both Mechanical and Electronic Engineers speaking several languages and travelling all around the world to assist Customers when the telephonic assitance through Modem is not solving the possible problem.
A second Assistance Service is located in Florida at Zecchetti USA.  Also here several Engineers are available and may operate either in cooperation with Zeccehtti Italy or independentely thanks to the constant connection with the Headquarter databases.
Another area served almost directly, as far as the After-Sales Service is concerned, isLatin America thanks to the fix presence of Mechanical/Electrictronic personnel.